What is your Immune System?

Your immune system is your body’s defense against harmful organisms, foreign bodies, and any kind of invader. 

It consists of various organs, cells, tissues, and even proteins that fight against diseases and any kind of infection in the body. 

There are certain pathogens that can cause diseases. They may be viruses, bacteria, fungi, or protozoa. These pathogens come into contact with the body on a daily basis and pose a threat to the body. They are the cause of many diseases that the body falls prey to. 

The immune system functions through innate and adaptive immunity.

Innate immunity is the immunity that is naturally present in the body when a person is born. It is the first to respond when the body is in danger. It consists of the skin, cornea, mucous membranes, and other physical barriers that allow the body to resist infection. 

The acquired immune system is secondary and uses antibodies to fight infection. It responds after the innate immune system has been acquainted with the pathogen and has created a memory that the acquired immune system can replicate in the antibody.

These antibodies are also called humoral immunity. Immunization utilizes the principle of antibodies. This is because, on second exposure, the antibodies are suited to fight the pathogen, and that’s what happens with immunization. 

Immunity can be built up and boosted. There are certain vitamins and minerals that increase the immunity of a person. This happens due to their different functions and method of action. 

To ensure the increased bioavailability and faster rate of action of these vitamins, intravenous therapy is used. There are various types of intravenous therapy.

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that have a great effect on the immune system.

How does High-dose Infusion Vitamin C work?

Vitamin C infusion is great for its potency and functions better in high quantities. Vitamin C has various functions that affect the immune system, hence a high-dose infusion makes it work even better. 

Getting vitamin C intravenously using an IV helps you achieve higher levels of vitamin C in your bloodstream. Moreso, receiving vitamin C intravenously allows this vitamin to travel throughout your bloodstream, which enables you to reap the benefits this vitamin provides sooner than if you consumed it orally.

Benefits of Vitamin C to the Immune System

  1. Acts as an Antioxidant: Vitamin C protects against oxidative stress-induced cellular damage. This happens when vitamin C neutralizes the reactive oxygen species that act as pathogens to the body. This helps to increase the body’s immunity to these species. Vitamin C protects the cells against these free radicals. These free radicals can lead to cell damage and hasten aging. 
  1. Improves Collagen Production: The production of collagen strengthens the bone and connective tissues and improves the structure of your skin. Since the skin is a core constituent of the innate immune system, collagen is very important. Vitamin C plays a vital role in producing collagen. And more than just improving muscles, bones, and the skin, collagen also improves the health of the heart.
  1. Improves Cell Turnover: Vitamin C improves the turnover of skin cells. This means that it improves regeneration and repairs the skin. Firm skin is a strong barrier and a strong immune system. And vitamin C ensures the skin is healthy and has a tight skin barrier. 
  1. Fosters Wound Healing: Vitamin C fosters cell-accelerated wound healing coupled with improved blood vessel dilation and protection of overall heart health. Proper wound healing protects the body from infections and foreign bodies. 
  1. Cytotoxic Effects: Various studies show that IV vitamin C therapy assists with the production and function of white blood cells. Some white blood cells serve as natural killer cells and kill cells that are injurious to the body. These blood cells are essential for immune function and support.
  1. Multiple laboratory studies reveal that high doses of high dose vitamin C can stunt the growth of cancer cells. Especially in the liver, pancreas, and ovaries. 
  1. Growth, repair, and development of body tissues: The tissues essential for body defense can grow and develop properly with vitamin C infusions.


In conclusion, you can be intentional about your health without having to do a lot. An infusion of vitamin C could save you tons of money and time you’d spend trying to get out of sickness. Building a rock-sure immunity would be beneficial to you.