Peptide Weight Management Program

What is Peptide Therapy One of the newest options for health and wellness, peptides are tiny proteins that make up short chains for amino acids. These chains directly link to signals sent between cells in the body which allows the body to perform in specific ways. Some peptides are used to stimulate human growth hormone … Read more

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many men with low testosterone report improved energy levels, sex drive, and mood after testosterone treatment. If testosterone is low, why not replace it? Not so fast. A low testosterone level by itself doesn’t need treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy can have side effects, and the long-term risks and benefits aren’t known. Only men with symptoms … Read more


As you age or go through life events like giving birth, your pelvic floor muscles can weaken. This can your body’s control over certain functions, primarily your ability to urinate. Urinary incontinence is a condition that affects both women and men. Many women suffer from this as an effect of pregnancy or childbirth, where the … Read more

Weight Management

At Hendon Hydration & Aesthetics, our mission is to help each client with their specific needs from treatments, physical health, BHRT, complex laboratory testing and comprehensive weight management program. This program is a comprehensive approach utilizing evidence-based practice. It is not about a “diet” it is an educational experience, which works by applying real-life nutritional … Read more