Forever Clear BBL

For many of us growing up, we were told acne was just a phase, that we would outgrow it. For many people, this simply didn’t end up being true. As an adult, acne can be embarrassing, making us feel self-conscious. No matter what age you are, though, it’s never too early to address concerns over acne. You may have tried medications and various over-the-counter products with limited success. Some treatment options carry side effects as well. All of this can be a thing of the past, though, thanks to Sciton’s Forever Clear BBL!

At Thrive Wellness in Brentwood, we have seen many patients who have dealt with acne most of their life and want to put an end to it. We specialize in Sciton’s treatment options and have seen brilliant success with the Forever Clear BBL treatment. What makes it special is the unique way this treatment uses light energy to penetrate down to the source of acne, bacteria down in the skin.


What it Treats: Forever Clear BBL is used to treat acne prone skin.

Procedure Time: 30 to 60 minutes

Eligibility: Female or Male – All ages

Recovery & Downtime: There is no need for recovery and downtime with a Forever Clear BBL treatment. You will be able to go about the rest of your day normally. You can apply makeup after treatment if you wish.

Why choose a Forever Clear BBL in Brentwood?

01. Effective in Fighting Acne. For those looking for an effective way to deal with acne, this treatment offers noticeable results after 1 session. The total number of sessions needed for treatment varies depending on skin condition. We will help to plan a treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

02. Non-Invasive. This treatment is non-invasive, gentle, and safe for almost all skin types.

03. What to Expect After Treatment. After your Forever Clear BBL treatment, your skin may be a bit red, but this is normal and will fade after a few hours. Your skin will look clearer with a reduction in pore size.

What to Expect?

Book a consultation. At Thrive Wellness in Brentwood, we always start with an initial consultation to get to know you. We’ll address all of your concerns, assess the current condition of your skin, and work with you to determine a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Book your Forever Clear BBL. Our front desk staff will book your treatment for a day and time that works best for you. Then, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions for preparations to help optimize your results.

Arrive for Treatment. When you arrive, we will invite you to one of our comfortable and relaxing treatment rooms. We’ll give you a comprehensive review of the treatment, make sure you understand what to expect, and answer all of your questions.

Sit Back and Relax. Our team are experts in the best techniques to ensure we meet your high standards and expectations. During a Forever Clear BBL, we will use the handset to gently treat skin using 3 different types of light to effectively treat acne-prone skin.

Next Steps. Once treatment is complete, we will assess the treated area and give you a brief review of your post-treatment instructions. At this time, we’ll book any follow-up appointments if needed to meet your skin goals.

To prepare for your Forever Clear BBL at Thrive Wellness, you should:

For 4 weeks prior treatment,

  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and tanning creams.
  • Use sunscreen.

For 1 week prior to treatment,

  • Avoid the use of aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, gingko, and alcohol.

After your Forever Clear BBL photofacial in Brentwood, we recommend you:

If skin is sensitive after treatment, avoid these until sensitivity subsides,

  • Scented soaps, lotions, and exfoliating creams
  • Hot or cold water (use lukewarm)
  • Acne creams and gels
  • Rough clothes
  • Aggressive scrubbing of any kind
  • Swimming pools and spa with chemicals/chlorine
  • Any activities that can cause excessive perspiration

For 2 weeks following treatment,

  • Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, tanning creams
  • Apply sunscreen regularly
  • Do not wax skin or use injectables in the treated area

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Forever Clear BBL treatment sessions will I need? You will notice results after 1 treatment. Most patients require follow-up sessions to achieve their desired result. Your BBL specialist will be able to determine how many sessions you will need.

How does Forever Clear BBL work? Forever Clear BBL uses 3 different types of light to approve the appearance of acne as well as shrinking pores. The first BBL is a blue light that penetrates down into the skin to eliminate bacteria that cause acne. The second is a yellow light which helps to reduce inflammation and redness from acne. Finally, a red light is used to stimulate your skin’s natural healing processes.

How much downtime is required? We require no downtime after treatment. We do, however, advise avoiding sunlight exposure, tanning beds, and tanning creams. You will be able to apply makeup and go about your day normally.