Fountain of Youth

Our Fountain of Youth can be used cosmetically as well! Enjoy brighter and more even skin tone, an improvement in acne, and an overall energy boost with B vitamins to radiate your glowing health!

Designed to help bring out the radiance and natural glow, this treatment is a mix of premium-quality compounds believed to fortify hair, skin, and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out.

Possible benefits

  • Fortifies Hair, skin, and nails
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Quenches Tired Skin

When to infuse?

  • A once-monthly dose is recommended for optimal benefit and sustained results.
  • Add Glutathione as often as once weekly, as it is a safe recipe for general health and recovery.
  • Add the Anti-Aging NAD+ treatment to kick start the skin rejuvenation process!